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The latest...

My most recent album, Locusts, can be checked out at the Music page above. A stylistic departure from all but my first album (now long out of print), it's recommended if you prefer your music articulately reasoned yet viscerally expressed--good for (but not limited to) fans of metal, post-metal, and progressive metal.

It remains to be seen whether this album will be presented in a live context, but I'd love for that to be the case and ultimately on an international scale. It would require a group of musicians and an additional vocalist to pull it off, so if you're interested in being a part of such a project, contact me.

The seeds for my next album have already been long-since planted, and I've got several elemental musical sketches waiting to be tended to. Watch this space for more news as it progresses.

As always, if you've got questions or are interested in me visiting in your area, let me know.